2017: A Year to be Guided by the Heart

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Snowy background with hearts and the inscription 2017With the time for New Year’s resolutions upon us, there’s talk everywhere of what people want to change about themselves and accomplish in 2017. While this is no doubt a wonderful time of year to reflect and set the stage for some positive transformation, there’s a common trend that I think brings more suffering than joy, and my hope for 2017 is that you’re able to observe and transcend this tendency.

This subtly poisonous trend is to set our New Year’s resolutions strictly from the mind, from a place of thinking that we “should” do something, and ultimately having our goals grounded in self-judgement, self-criticism, and guilt about everything we’ve done wrong. These goals carry a type of expectation, a harsh voice that tells us we need to be better, can’t fail again, or need to prove something to ourselves or others. I have no doubt that by this point you can tell this is not my favourite type of goal to set…

It’s no surprise that these type of goals that stem from comparison, judgement, or feeling that we’re not enough in some way don’t tend to produce lasting changes in health and happiness. There is a much more effective style of 2017 resolution that is sure to take you much closer to your goals, and open doors to step into a more peaceful, joyful, and meaningful version of yourself.

Set goals from the heart. 

Woman hands in winter gloves Heart symbolWhat does this mean? Beyond what your mind tells you, beyond what you think you “know” you need to do – what do you FEEL? If your mind is busy, if your environment is hectic, if you don’t have any time to rest, you’ll believe that how you feel is the same as what you think – but I invite you to look a little deeper.

Within each one of us is a Divine spark, a part of us that knows exactly what we need, what’s best for us, and what is true.

This is our intuition, our “gut feeling”, the pull that we get to some things that we can’t quite explain, but that permeates our being. This aspect of each of us is our true nature, and it never steers us wrong. It accomplishes this infallibility by only ever advising from a place of love and compassion. Here there is no urgency, no rush, no panic. There is peace and gentleness. There is endless tenderness and encouragement. There is an indescribable amount of hope and trust. This place within us lives deep in our heart, and speaks in a quiet voice, emerging at times of stillness and when we reach towards it.

When we can connect with the subtle intuition that arises from deep within our heart we get the sense of how to move in the New Year to truly bring more love and joy into our lives. And if for even a second you have a sliver of doubt that that’s what is at the foundation of any goal – have a look deeper!

So my most sincere wish for you in this transition into 2017 is that you’re able to take a few moments to connect with that inner voice in whatever way works for you. So many things can help us with this connection – and you’ll know which one is best for you because it will put the biggest smile on your face. Music, dance, nature, art, meditation, yoga, journaling, and reading are all common examples, but the list goes on and on!

Immersing ourselves in the stillness and beauty of nature in Winter can be a wonderful way to connect us to the voice in our heart.

Immersing ourselves in the stillness and beauty of nature in Winter can be a wonderful way to connect us to the voice in our heart.

With this guidance from your true nature, your inner being who resides deep in your heart, I can assure you that your 2017 New Year’s resolutions will be immeasurably more productive, more enjoyable, and more attainable. Our true self knows that we can’t simply try to strip away aspects of our lives that we want to change without first cultivating the love and purpose that sustains our motivation, so don’t be surprised if the guidance involves a hearty dosage of fun things that make you smile and reconnect to laughter and childlike joy!

As always, if you find yourself in need of any help implementing the steps needed to make your resolutions a reality, my health coaching services are ready and waiting 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful 2017 guided by your heart!

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