Programs for Peak Performance

Holistic Performance Assessment

Find out exactly where you're at on all levels of your health and performance and develop a roadmap of how to make your next major improvement.

30-Day Holistic Performance Jumpstart

Get the guidance you need to start building your performance with physical training, nutritional habits, recovery techniques, and mental strategies used by the pros.

90-Day Holistic Performance Intensive

The ultimate investment in yourself! Dive deep into the most effective strategies to improve your physical and mental performance, prevent injuries, recover faster, and rise above the competition!

Custom Packages

Don't see a program that fits your needs? Let's create one tailored for you in a 4, 8, or 12 session package. Contact me below and we'll set something up specifically for you!

Contact me for your free phone consultation!

Not sure what's right for you? Chat with me risk-free to find out.

"The improvements that I have made in my physical condition and overall well-being while working with Mischa have been amazing. For four years prior to starting with Mischa I tried various therapies, treatments and exercise programs in an effort to recover from back and neck injuries sustained in an auto accident. Initially I made some progress, but the last of those four years was a long plateau that left me well short of recovery. I am not an athlete, but I had hopes of returning to my formerly active and pain free life. In six short months Mischa has helped me to achieve what I had failed to in the previous four years. He designs workouts for me that capitalize on my strengths while improving my weaknesses. Workouts with Mischa are always challenging, interesting, fun and tailored to me. His extensive knowledge, attention to detail and enthusiasm have all played a role in my success. In many ways I have already exceeded my hopes and I am becoming stronger and better than I have ever been."

Melanie Coupland

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