Programs for Optimal Health & Healing

Holistic Health Discovery Session

Discover your unique path to optimal health and discover exactly how to overcome the barriers that have been holding you back.

30-Day Holistic Health Jumpstart

Get the guidance you need to break through your health barriers - reclaim your energy, overcome stress and anxiety, move without pain, lose weight, and increase your daily quotient of joy!

90-Day Holistic Health Transformation

The ultimate investment in yourself! Heal your body, declutter your mind, and ignite your passion for life!

Custom Packages

Don't see a program that fits your needs? Let's create one tailored for you in a 4, 8, or 12 session package. Contact me below and we'll set something up specifically for you!

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"Mischa Harris has been one of the key components to the successes of my teams for the past 10 years. Mischa has been part of my road to gold program for my highschool volleyball teams, my college team, and my international beach teams since I started coaching at a high performance level. Mischa looks at the whole athlete, from their mental wellbeing to their health, as he believes as I do that all of these external factors come into play when an athlete is trying to achieve their goals. I have coached many different levels ranging in ages, competition levels and both sand and indoor...but one thing is constant...Mischa's professionalism and care for his athletes. I trust Mischa implicitly to mentally train, nutritionally support, physically train, prehabilitate or rehabilitate my athletes. I have never known someone to fall more in line with my values than Mischa. No one cares more about his athletes, or yours! Mischa I would like to personally thank you for all you have done for my athletes and programs over the years. From Team Canada to our provincial Gold Medals both my teams and myself could never have done it without your support. Thank you."

Kyra Iannone Head Coach, Douglas College Women's Volleyball and Team BC Beach Volleyball

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