Services for Teams

These workshops go well beyond the typical approaches to athletic training and conditioning and provide a complete system for optimizing performance.  Through a series of interactive, educational, and practical lessons, athletes and coaches will learn to identify and eliminate common weak links that pose a barrier to athletes or teams reaching their true potential.

Each 2 hour session builds off of the Performance Pyramid concept of understanding and prioritizing aspects of athletic development. All sessions end with a practical take-away planning component to coach the athletes and coaches on how to implement habit change for guaranteed success. Coaches can pick and choose particular workshops individually, or leave no stone unturned by committing to the entire series. 

Prices TBD based on location and the number of sessions being booked. Please contact me to discuss booking and rates.

Team Workshop Series

Intro to the Performance Pyramid Model

  • Understanding and organizing the factors that contribute to success, knowing where to look and what to look for.

Practical Nutrition for Student Athletes

  • Strategies for bridging the gap between the “ideal” athlete diet and the reality of eating as a student: getting the most benefit for your effort and implementing the most impactful strategies for improved energy, recovery, and performance gains.

Maximizing Recovery for Increased Energy

  • An in-depth look at the ways we can work with the body to enhance it’s natural ability to build and recover faster and stronger and provide more energy for the physical, mental, and emotional demands of being an elite athlete.

Navigating and Overcoming Stress

  • An interactive workshop on understanding the varied stress response for every athlete, and getting to know the triggers and ultimately what sets off the stress response. A guided meditation demonstrates ways to combat stress in the nervous system and offers a tool for introspection and the gradual mastery over stress and anxiety.

Fundamental Movement Assessment

  • The bridge between injury prevention and physical performance lies in movement quality, and in order to improve this area, athletes learn how their body functions and where to focus their individual efforts to capture the “low hanging fruit” and see the most improvement in functional capacity.

“Empowered Athlete” Corrective Exercise Strategies

  • Building off of the Fundamental Movement Assessment, this session covers practical strategies to elicit large, lasting changes in movement limitations, reducing injuries and pain and improving the body’s efficiency and fluidity of movement.

Pre-Training Total Physical Preparation

  • Beyond simply “warm-up”, this session presents an individualized approach to optimally preparing the body and mind for the demands of any training session, from the most basic components through building sport-specific speed and power to optimize performance and prevent injury.

Post-Training Total Recovery

  • Beyond simply “cool-down”, this session dives into strategies to profoundly enhance recovery and regeneration through nutrition, nervous system regulation, individualized movement pattern restoration, and much more.