Demystify Pain Workshop: Uncover why your body is stuck in a state of pain and what to do about it.

Do you suffer from chronic neck or back pain?

Do you have “bad knees”?

Does shoulder pain limit you from doing activities that you love?

Chronic pain and long-lasting injuries are so commonplace that often we accept them as normal, part of “just getting older”. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Pain can be a complex topic that leaves many of us frustrated at its persistence. Often it comes from more than just a tight muscle or stuck joint that needs to be loosened up. If treatments like massage, chiropractic, or physiotherapy bring only short bouts of relief, your body is telling you that there’s more to the picture. Unlocking the secret to finally eliminating stubborn chronic pain comes from looking at your body through a wide lens, with a broad, holistic perspective, and learning to speak its language. Pain is not there by mistake – it is an intelligent process that your body uses to help you avoid further injury. However, until we learn to listen to the nuanced language of the body and work with it instead of against it, it will keep repeating the same message.

If you’re ready to demystify the source of your pain and reclaim your natural state of joyful, pain-free movement, come join me for this free 2 hour interactive workshop. We will be looking at pain through a holistic model, aiming to better understand the language of the body and how to interact with it for optimal health. After unraveling the theoretical concepts you’ll turn the lens inward and assess your own body, gaining insight into your path to pain-free living. You will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of your unique body, direction on where to focus your efforts, and best of all hope and confidence that you can finally say goodbye to your pain!

The Essential Athlete

Essential oils have been used for millennia to heal ailments of all kinds, as well as promote well-being. In our modern world, we're starting to understand their power in helping us navigate through a wide variety of physical and emotional challenges. While their amazing scents will draw you in, the powerful physiological and mental/emotional effects will be what keeps you coming back. If you've wondered what is in those little bottles and why people fall in love with them so often, this is your opportunity to experience essential oils for yourself.